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DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Integrated Camera, Attachable to Smartphone, Android, iPhone 1

DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Integrated Camera, Attachable to Smartphone, Android, iPhone

(22 customer reviews) Price: 28,490.00 (as of 14/08/2020 08:21 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

OSMO Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
Comes with Integrated Camera
Attachable to Smartphone, Android, iPhone


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Buy DJI  Osmo mobile 3 India
Get this Pocket Hand-held 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Built-in Digital camera, Attachable to Phone, Android, iPhone.

A Tradition of Breaking the Mold

Osmo Pocket boldly embodies the DJI approach to modern technology. The candy bar-sized device was made to be as convenient as your smartphone, wallet, and other daily essentials to offer everything you need for shake-free footage in any situation.

Mechanical Gimbal

Our engineers developed a micro-scale manufacturing process to achieve the smallest 3-axis gimbal in DJI history. This miniaturized mechanical stabilization platform and brushless motor always deliver fine-tuned gimbal control accuracy.

A Tradition of Breaking the Mold

Osmo Pocket boldly embodies the DJI approach to modern technology. The candy bar-sized device was made to be as convenient as your smartphone, wallet, and other daily essentials to offer everything you need for shake-free footage in any situation.

Mechanical Gimbal

Our engineers developed a micro-scale manufacturing process to achieve the smallest 3-axis gimbal in DJI history. This miniaturized mechanical stabilization platform and brushless motor always deliver fine-tuned gimbal control accuracy.

Noiseless Cooling System

For perfectly quiet performance, Osmo Pocket takes advantage of a fanless, passive cooling solution that dissipates heat evenly, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

OSMO Pocket Hand-held 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Comes with Built-in Digital camera Attachable to Phone, Android, iPhone

22 reviews for DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Integrated Camera, Attachable to Smartphone, Android, iPhone

  1. Eddie

    Update! I was able to register, and even update the firmware for the device on my LG phone using a micro usb-c adapter; this is the exact one I used — — Hope it works for you, as DJI makes no claims on their forum as to any adapter working. DJI announced they’ll be making a compatible adapter soon. DJI seems to tie the product to you via e-mail, so I if you bother a friend and register your device on their phone, you should be fine until you get a “real” phone, not one with a pathetic outdated micro-usb like mine!To the wiseguys saying I didn’t do my research, listen up. DJI’s marketing and forum replies, at least up until now, have all said you can use their device WITHOUT A PHONE. People who are saying things like, “you didn’t know what was in the box,” are not comprehending that I wouldn’t care how it connects to a phone when I have been told that you don’t need a phone. It’s not tough to understand. DJI says I don’t need a phone. BUT I DO! It’s not MY fault every manufacturer wants total control over their product like Doctor Doom. And no, I’m not buying a new expensive phone so I can use my new expensive camera.Anyway, here’s the result. The gimbal tech seems amazing to me, but it regularly loses track of the subject. I can’t move the gimbal using the swipe controls while it’s recording the way you can when it’s not recording (the Pocket will display a message telling you as much). Tracking is not available in 4k as it is in other resolutions (again the Pocket will flash a message). The Osmo Pocket takes beautiful video, and works well in low light. I like the device and feel I will get better with it the more I get used to using it. It records audio, although there is no audio playback from the Osmo Pocket itself. You can’t use the pocket while the case is attached, and the strap attaches to the case, not the Pocket, so if you lose your grip, you are boned, my friend. Having said all that, the Pocket seems to do what it’s supposed to. Fits in your pocket and takes clear, smooth, stable video, a godsend for vloggers, I would think. I’m looking forward to getting better at using it!Leaving my review one star for now to serve as a warning, and because DJI’s customer service treated me like a dirty dog (just kidding they were really nice, but completely unhelpful, telling me I was out of luck, and not even suggesting an adapter), also because the gimbal isn’t yet working as I would expect, although that could actually be my fault. And to penalize DJI and warn other manufacturers that your customer’s want your device to work out of the box. If someone asks if you can use it without a phone and you say yes, we don’t expect there to be some kind of catch. Say “yes, but, you need a phone to register and update the device.” I’ll update more in the future.Original review below:————————–TLDR; I can’t register my Osmo Pocket!I’ve got an LG phone, and I can’t activate the Osmo Pocket because my phone only has micro-usb. And the Osmo Pocket won’t work without activation. Oh, it’ll turn on, but you get a message “Device not activated.” Try to press a button and you get red letters telling you “NOT ACTIVATED(dummy).” The ONLY way to activate it is by connecting the Pocket to a device with DJI’s Osmo Pocket app on it, and the only way to connect to a device is with one of the adapter’s that came with the Pocket: a type-C or lightning connector. I called customer service and after consulting with various people the man told me I was out of luck, and didn’t even offer a fix, just said “sorry for the inconvenience.” I’m MORE sorry!Sucks because I have an event this weekend that I bought this Osmo Pocket specifically for. Kinda mad because everything I looked at online said I could use this thing without needing a phone. But I DO need a phone, if only for activation. I ordered an adapter and I hope it works. If not, maybe I can pester a friend to register the device for me lol, but then I’m afraid it will be tied to their phone somehow, and I won’t be able to use the Osmo with the app anyway, since the app would be on someone else’s phone. I might just return the Pocket, though I hate to do that.It came with a type C to USB I can charge it with, wish I could plug it to a computer and register it with that. Heck, why do I even HAVE to register it? Can’t I use a product without having to jump through hoops for something paid for? You have my money, what else do you want? I know I sound bitter, but I’m disappointed. Is it my fault for not having newer tech? Or should DJI have given an alternative method of activation? Hopefully I can get it to work, and I’ll revise my rating! ‘Til then it’s a $400 paperweight!

  2. DwayneIndividual

    You like cameras that must sync to a smart phone before they can record to a SD card? Guess what the number one issue the forums say is the issue with this thing. They have all sorts of issues authenticating. It is a camera. I should be able to record without syncing.Also when customer service from DJI has the immediate gut reaction of “return it for a replacement” that should be a warning for any product

  3. Sorit

    *Update*Change my rating from ONE TO THREE STARS. DJI reaches out and confirm that 4K 60fps is not supported for downloading directly to the phone at this time. The next update should address this issue. Also, after importing the footages onto my computer and utilizing my Final Cut Pro X, the image turned out beautifully. Make sure your computer is powerful enough to handle 4k video files. I first uploaded the footage to my old iMac (2009 model) and it was struggling to playback the footage. Then, I found out by accident when I uploaded to my MacBook Pro with more powerful intel core, it played smoothly. Overall, Given the form factor and convenience, this device has a lot of potential in term of what it can or cannot do. I’m sure the version 2.0 will be a lot better but till then, I’m sure I will put this one to good use!*Original Review*Took the kids out to see Santa for the first time with this, what a disappointment. First I had issue with downloading the footage to my iPhone X that is directly connected to the Osmo Pocket. It kept saying “Downloading the file is not supported for this model”.. then I was able to do it by poptthe SD card into my desktop computer. However the footage was choppy and out of sync with the audio. Then, this is the biggest deal breaker-all of the footages were blurry unusable! Reading on the forum, this is a known issue with this thing even after the firmware update which I just had mine updated when I first just got the device activated. DJI should not have rushed this product to consumers just to catch the wind of the holiday shopping season. What a let down!

  4. Sean

    Camera, super cool in that it’s small and has a 3 axis gimbal for smooth shots. The image quality looks good.1080p has 120fps but it’s slow mo. It focus hunts a little in 4k and focus pulls randomly from time to time. Did the firmware update. Sometimes your face goes out of focus. Seems to have a little trouble locking on focus. The tracking works great but it’s only available in 1080p. No face tracking in 4k. It loses tracking after awhile and you have to reset. It also runs a little hot and hotter in 4k.The audio is good. Auto seems to be the best setting with the loudest volume. The quality of the audio sounds pretty good. Wasn’t to hollow or tinny but don’t expect high fidelity. It’s good though.The 3 axis gimbal works great. The 3 modes are good. Double tap for recentering and triple tap to swing around works smoothly too. It is a good gimbal. When you turn it off it positions itself to be ready to go in the case. Super cool it doesn’t just go limp.You have to download an intrusive data collecting prying app in order to use the camera for the 1st time. You have to activate it. I don’t like that you have to use an app in order to use the camera and access certain features. You have to use the app to get into 4k or switch back n forth from 1080p. You can’t access it from the camera. The touchscreen is responsive and works good but there’s no way to turn it off. No screensaver. Battery life is good though even with the gimbal.Hopefully they will have further updates to smooth out some of the shortcomings for better use and work out the focus hunting pulling and not being able to access all the features without the app. One of the biggest hurdles is that there is no way to mount this. A tripod mount on the bottom would have been great. It would make using the face tracking even sweeter. I would like to be able to put it on a tripod a selfie stick or clip it on my body. There isn’t even a frame mount. But I came up with a solution using a cellphone mount and another using a C clamp.When attaching the camera with the type C to my Note 8 I had to remove the phone case for a good connection. When connected the fitment is loose. There’s too much wiggle room. The type C needs to be a tighter fit. Overall though this is pretty cool and it fits in the palm of your hand. Its extremely portable with the case. But the intrusive app the lack of access to features from the camera the focus hunting pulling non removable battery loose type C connection no external mic input without buying an upcoming overpriced adapter and the inability to mount this in any way keeps this from being 5 stars. I expect more for $350. All the accessories should be included. Copies costing less will surely be in the works and I’m sure the Pocket 2 will be even better. Oh and the prices for the accessories that are coming need a serious drop in price. They are over $100. At $350 you have to think about it. At $199 you would just get one and it becomes a thing to have. You can buy 3 axis gimbals for your phone and camera for less than this. See, you have to think about it.

  5. Michael

    About as annoying as possible. Note that in order to get this thing running at all, you have to have a cellphone with iPhone type port. In other words…an iPhone. Because of course anyone who would want a cool little device like this would have to be an iPhone person. Not one of those nasty android people who probably have an IBM computer somewhere. You can buy an adapter, but when you interface the pocket to the phone you are going to have a kind of mess, and I understand from others who have done this that android/Samsung users loose functionality. Pretty frustrating. I sent the widget back.

  6. Bradley Bosua

     UPDATE:Why does DJI need so many permissions on android to simply open the app when the camera is plugged in? Data mining…. that’s why! They get you to agree to these permissions knowing you want to actually use your new $350 camera, so most people will pretty much click accept to anything. Now that most people have clicked accept they have access to how often you use your camera, what settings you use, what apps you use in conjunction with your Osmo pocket, what you gps location is and so on so they can either use this information for future or sell it off.Unfortunately I also made the mistake of recommending this to a friend with a phone that wasn’t compatible(I didn’t realise when I recommended it) and as others here have said you can’t even use the device if you can’t activate it (or don’t accept their permissions). I being a good friend activated it on my phone for him, but prior to this DJI customer service did not seem to care, and for that I change my score to a zero until this issue is fixed, surely there could be a website or desktop app you could connect via USB to the camera and register it.I still believe this is an incredible camera as stated below, but this issue needs to be resolved condisidering it’s $350.At the moment it seems if you activate it, great! Enjoy your new camera, but if you don’t….. they still have your money and don’t care if you are able to use it or not.Disappointing.ORIGINAL:Absolutely incredible! The smooth footage and person / object tracking is absolutely game changing.1.Already I’ve filmed a diy project video where I just a set it down and tell it to auto track my face and it kept me in focus as well as in frame the entire video, even whilst moving around the room!2. I uploaded a video showing the stability and low light (the start of this scene had almost no light actually). Watch the horizon remain perfectly still in contrast to the car windshield bumping around on the track, which was how much the car (and my hand were) actually moving.3.The orientation lock mode is unparalleled by any other option in a camera this size….. period! It maintains a perfect lock to the point I thought it had frozen at first but I later realised that was just how amazing the stability is when my dog walked through the frame.4.This will be a dream for all vloggers, having a small pocket camera that will keep you center of frame and super smooth while you walk around doing your business.5.I can not recommend this highly enough, only down side I have experienced so far is that the gimbal will travel all the way to the right without reaching the “gimbal limit” but only travels a short distance to the left before it reaches the gimbal limit. This may be an issue with mine or it might just be the design but for 99% of what I use it for it’s not an issue.

  7. AJM

    Haven’t used this too terribly much yet, so just some initial thoughts.It’s pretty much what you would expect. Small, but it does feel good/solid in your hand.The built in screen is a bit small, you can see what the camera is viewing, but you can’t see if it’s focused or what the exposure is. For that you need to connect to a phone.Speaking of which, the lightning adapter would not work with my phone while the case was on. I have a standard Spex case, but the rubber at the bottom is apparently too thick and prevents the adapter from being inserted fully. Not sure how often this would happen, but I think this may be an issue with most cases.The quality is good when there’s lighting. I can tell you that the low light clips that they show are not with the camera on auto as I’ve tried several in actually more light and they were grainy. I have not as of yet attempted while in manual.The audio quality was a huge concern of mine, but after watching some videos on YouTube about the firmware update improving it I convinced myself that it couldn’t be worse than the phone mic, especially given that there are two. This was incorrect as I am disappointed. A big part of the issue is that the volume variation between me holding the camera and a person across a room while having a normal conversation is huge. I am booming loud, they are barely audible. And yes, I updated my firmware to the latest… anybody who has owned a DJI device knows that you pretty much have to when using their apps.All in all, it’s ok. I’m not looking for professional, just better than my shaky hands can hold a phone. This does that. I will look into an ad on mic, but that’s starting to increase the complexity, decrease the convenience, and increase the overall cost of ownership.

  8. Falstaff

    The concept is great, but the execution is quite poor. There are so many poor design decisions that make this a pain in the neck to actually use.1. There is no way to attach a lanyard to the device, making is extremely vulnerable if you ever drop it. And you likely will.2. The field of view is quite narrow, so it is quite difficult to capture what you want.3. Not having a 1/4 inch mount is a very poor design decision. You have to attach some kind of adapter/harness to attach anything to it.4. The accessories are ridiculously expensive.5. It feels flimsy enough that you will need to put it in the case – but none of the accessories will fit with the case.The good thing is that the wifi adapter worked very well – but that’s an additional $60. Also because it is an additional adapter, using it on the go is not very practical – and even then it does not have a 1/4, so you need another adapter below the wifi addapter so you can mount it to a tripod. Extremely stupid!

  9. IA

    USo DJI is happy releasing a beta product.Can’t track anything, loses subject all the time. Jerky movement. Ends up pointing in random directions. Interface isn’t remotely intuitive.DJI is like Apple. Great hardware. Most of the time anyway. But your software is lacking, buggy.

  10. Send It

    These cameras have serious focus issues especially in the time-lapse modes. I have 7 of these and they are all doing the exact same thing. It may be able to be resolved with a firmware update. But, until them these are a zero star in my book. If this is resolved I will be more than happy to change this review. But until then folks, DO NOT BUY.

  11. AmazonPrimeAddict

    So, when i first saw the Osmos Pocket, I was like this is cool. I am buying this and not the go pro 7. When the Osmos Pocket arrived on 12/15, my headaches with this product began. I opened it up, oops, my phone has micro usb port and the osmos has a typ-c port. How the hell did i miss this?…Annoyed but not going to freak out. No worries, i will make it work. Went to Dji website to order their wireless base, SOLD OUT!!!..Search Amazon, $109 . …Nope not paying $109 when on their website is around $70 bucks. Order adapter typc-micro usb… $7 dollars later, the adapter arrived. Once again, optimistic, this is soo going to work. WRONG AGAIN! NOT WORKING.. Software does not load automatically, no sign of starting the activation process. The only message I see on osmos pocket is: ” not activated”. FUDGE!!!! Yesterday , micro sd card came, put into slot, NOPE, the sd card keeps popping out and wont stay inside the slot….SADLY, 6 DAYS LATER, Hours of frustration, ABOUT TO GO ON VACATION, SENDING THE DJI OSMOS BACK!!! TRULY DISAPPOINTED. Go Pro 7 here i come.

  12. Lisa

    Received this unit as a Christmas gift and guess what, it won’t activate no matter what I do, contacted DJI tech support and was told to return for a refund. Why do you have to “activate” to use the camera? It all sounds good with the specs, but what good is it if you can’t even push the record button.

  13. Melissa M Coates

    This product has a known firmware issue and we couldn’t get it to activate. Contacted DJI and they are no help. If you get one without the firmware issue you are good but many don’t work.

  14. Tiim

    UPDATE:Firmware bug causes 4k60 footage to revert to 1080P… HALF MY GRANDD CANYON FOOTAGE WAS SWITCHED TO 1080PREAD THE DJI FORUMS… IT IS JUNKI HATE THIS PRODUCT NOWI bought this camera for a trip to the Grand Canyon. Two years ago, I used my Note 4 on a gimbal and got good results, but it was overly cumbersome to hit the trail with this large gear… so I used the combo less than I thought I would.Fast forward to this years 30 mile hike, now I have an Osmo Pocket. I literally did NOT have enough time to play around with the OP, before the trip, so I had to rely on pc-less QA of my videos. I forced myself to use the OP in stand-alone mode without connecting my Note8. Luckily I had the latest firmware at the time that allowed PRO mode switching without tethering a phone. The results were mostly good! This camera is pretty easy to use. There is a walking bump like many show on social media… it is avoidable to an extent by “ninja walking” or using perhaps a selfie stick… hey, I’m on a 30 mile trek… I’m not ninja walking with a multi-day pack on!Personally, tethering a phone to the USB-C (or lightning) connector is a bit of a pain for “run-and-gun” shooting. Might as well just use an Osmo and your cell phone. I chose stand-alone mode for most of the trip.So, I set out to see the world through a postage-stamp sized screen, and at times, it disappointed, at others, it shined. I purchased a set of ND filters, fearing the colors would be all washed out during the day, but color issues only happened using in D-Cinelike in PRO mode. In fact, the cinelike colors are OK, not over-saturated, maybe a bit un-saturated to my taste.The ND filters are a waste IMHO. One of mine fell off within 4 hours of testing. I simply didn’t use another.The PRO mode might be best used while tethering. You can set WB and exposure (including auto for both) as well as manual shutter speed, but there’s something wrong with the colors if you don’t set PRO mode up correctly, and in changing light, you have to re-adjust it (That is normal with any manual mode, BTW). The tiny screen is almost useless in this regard, so stick to standard mode if un-tethered. PRO mode really helped at night, allowing me to set ISO to 1600 (grainy, but watchable)Standard mode gave me surprisingly good results in all day-lighting conditions, with or without ND filter attached. At night, it was kind of a miss, so switch to PRO mode for night time. I think the OP is supposed to detect night somehow, maybe this feature isn’t ready yet.I tried one Motionlapse. You need the phone tethered for set up only, you may disconnect and let the camera do it’s thing, which is a good thing. I used a 2m USB-C M-F extension cable for this. I was able to “jack in” occasionally to check up on the status. There are many things lacking in motionlapse, like variable shutter, more precise timing controls, and maybe a “preview sweep” before you commit… I found out that in the app, there is a “save original frames” feature in Motionlapse “pro-mode”, you can use something like Virtualdub on your PC to load the frames in for editing. Also, Pro mode frame recording gives you UHD-size, not the 1080P output of Motionlapse… Excellent option, DJI!Hand-Held timelapse does not work, always use a tripod.The panorama function is cool, just make sure to use the app to stitch before copying your SD to your workflow. It sounds like a pain, maybe it is, but I did not mind that extra step. The two panorama modes are fine. in no way is this a 360 degree camera, so, don’t expect a spherical panorama on this. Use a 360 camera for that.I wish this thing built in a joystick for pan and tilt. The screen kind of has a tilt control, it’s awful, and consistently, I got “you cannot perform this function while recording” errors came up when attempting to tilt, ruining my shot entirely. For this… you guessed it… add a cumbersome and expensive add on. Now the pan/tilt add on might be nice… there is no way to tuck the OP into it’s protective case with it on… WTF DJI? I won’t buy that.Focal distance is not as wide as a GoPro. I actually see it as a trade-off. Selfie mode seems a little tight, but is OK, while landscapes wish to be zoomed in a bit more! I like the choice here. I don’t remember the equivalent distance in mm off-hand, but I see it as more of a 35-40mm full-frame. Definitely a little wider than a 50mm portait. A small optical zoom of maybe 3x would be absolutely stunning, but make the device larger, and that’s OK with me! I suppose the F stop would be slower with zoom than the current bright F2.0 however…WIFI/BT… need an attachment… WTF again DJI. I won’t buy it.I did buy a 3rd party USB-C tripod adapter that works great for motionlapse on tripod and handheld slo-mo on selfie sticks. It also has the ability to charge the OP with a battery bank if desired. If you use a tripod, you can connect the OP to your phone via extension cable for remote control. Pretty neat.Video Qaulity: So, UHD at 100mbps sounds great, right? wrong. I compared the shots to my Panasonic ZS-100 (1″ sensor compact camera with zoom). The Panny crushes the OP in image quality at same resolution and bitrate, no comparing the two. However, the OP crushes the Panny in rolling shutter artifacts and image stabilization. It seems like a trade-off. Honestly, my Note8 has better video quality then the OP, but again, my phone lacks mechanical stabilization, and that is a deal-breaker. OP wins!Battery life: It’s OK. I shot an entire day with it and only connected a battery bank for my motionlapse, just in case. Android has this reverse-charging thing with USB, so I blame the OS, and not DJI for the Android issue. I can’t comment if Apple has this issue or not. It’s no big deal to me, but I do see how it would irritate some. Again, I put blame on Android for the charging issue that drains the OP battery. Use Wifi, and it solves the problem, unless you need to transfer files. You cannot remove the battery. This is a product for 1 year and then hack it, I suppose.Speaking of file transfer… I wish this thing incorporated a thumbnail cache. If you reconnect your phone with a hundred files on it, the app just sits there blank… no “loading” banner, nothing. You might think your connection is lost or something until magically, 4 minutes later, your media apears. If you lose connection for a split second (happens when directly tethered for me anyway) you have to re-cache the thumbnails. ARRGH what a PITA. File transfer is quick, at about 10 megabytes per second when tethered via USB-C.Story Mode… OK, this could be a great feature if you could use a laptop. You can’t. So… you better have a 512GB cell phone capacity to load a multi-day shoot into your phone to make a quick video for family and friends. There is a way to do a story mode as you capture, I’m confused either way, I just don’t know what I am doing here. I don’t think Story Mode is for me. I fell like my workflow should go into my i7 laptop with 1TB storage and let the laptop app do up a quick recap story for me, not shuffle files to my phone, where storage is more precious. I think shooting in story mode effectively takes the burden off your external device, but I see it infringing on manual video settings and other issues… I’ll leave this one to the Story Mode pro’s, I am just confused hahaha!The button taps for centering (2) and selfie (3) are intuitive and clever. I love that feature.I wish you could simply hold the record button to snap a photo, while tap to start/stop record. For now, you have to change modes, which while hiking, can be a little annoying, especially the tiny screen and big fingers, causing you to set the wrong mode.SLO-MO: This feature really shines on the OP. My biggest gripe is the auto-focus really sucks for a shot ranging from close to far and vice-versa. You can’t do a macro to wide pan for instance. In general terms, the slo-mo is neat, and i WISH it was in UHD! Why not? I bet the SOC could do it. Perhaps V2.0… Anyway, slow mo is fun and easy to do with great results in 1080P.60FPS UHD: This is niiiice. I used 30fps for some footage and it looked choppy on my 60Hz PC monitor. A lot of video seems to look jittery to me, but the 60FPS stuff all looks smooth. You definitely see compression artifacts, however. A larger sensor and possibly higher bitrate would alleviate this to a degree.V2.0: OK, my wish-list…1. PTZ Joystick and not a virtual screen control (yes, 3x optical zoom would be awesome, like the Osmo+)2. Larger screen and larger device (DJI could still make this pocket-able)3. Built in WiFi/BT4. Larger image sensor (not looking for 1″, but something larger will help)5. AI to soften the “walking bump” (If DJI included a 5k sensor, they could use portions to smooth the bumps, and still make it UHD)6. UHD Slow-Mo and Time/Motionlapse7. Built-in tripod screw mount!8. Waterproof housing accessory (not available yet)9. One switchable ND filter built-in? Yes please :)10. GEOTAGGING – Yes Please!Overall, I am pleased with this device. I say BRAVO to DJI for putting out a revolutionary product! I hope future firmware updates improve this little guy while DJI works on a bigger and better model. I will say that it is easily pocketable, and almost un-noticable to carry around a long day in a city. I really like it.

  15. Maksym M.

    Its amazing , works like a dream , took pano in the dark hand held on the party buss and picture came out sharp , video is fantastic. If you have a micro usb phone then give it to your grandma and get an Iphone x 😉

  16. Dimitri Dark

    Be warned that if you send this for a refund, you will lose $100I’m not sure why my original review was deleted. I ordered this for Christmas, and learned that it would not work with a micro USB phone (they did not advertise this at the time, they updated it mid January) and the device has to be registered in order to work. I contacted DJI support to be told that there was nothing that can be done.A few days later I was able to get it working but using it without a phone limits a lot of the features and usability. So I sent it back for a refund and got $200 back instead of the $350 I paid. After contacting customer support, I was able to get an additional $50 back.I loved the original osmo and always wanted one but this was such a disappointment. I don’t know why you have to register it before you can even use it. They should confirm it works before charging money.

  17. Abhijeet

    A fairly good product however does lack some basic festures and has some FW and App bugs, seems like DJI rushed into releasing the product to catch on the holiday shopping bus. These are just my personal views as a honest commoner for the benefit of the larger amazon community and are not influenced by any company, person :Pro’s / Con’s / Feedback for DJI :1. Shoots brilliant 4K and gives an option to choose multiple frame rates starting from 24 all the way till 60fps (in PRO Mode)2. Very good tracking and follow mode, crisp video and good detection range however, no option to use follow mode in 4K 60FPS (maybe a FW fix).3. When connected to the MIMO app, syncs photos, videos etc with built in phone gallery. (provide an option to disable this)4. Lacks zoom (no digital zoom either), maybe DJI will add this with a firmware update.5. No option to shoot superfine with 4K at 60FPS (again a FW fix)6. Lacks wide Pano (beyond 3×3) maybe 6×3 or 9×3 etc. max possible to cameras panning capabilities.7. Unable to switch Camera modes without exiting the PRO setting (if disconnected from the phone). Exiting the PRO reset’s all camera quality settings (this seems like a FW bug and DJI needs to fix this ASAP)8. The product comes with only an iPhone connector and a USB Type C, hence in a way folks having an older device wont be able to connect. Which essentially also means the product cant be activated (activation needs you to connect the osmo pocket to a phone). I an wondering how much of a cost is it to include a 2nd Gen type of a usb connector. DJI should seriously think about including it in v2.0 of the hardware and at this point provide an option to the existing buyers to buy it.9. No option to reduce shutter below 1/60 in 4k / 60p video mode using manual settings and 4k / 24p to less then 1/25. Quite a limitation when doing video shoots in indoor environment with manual setting.10. If you use Auto during indoor shoots, the ISO always defaults to 1600 or 3200 and this produces a super grainy (noisy) picture. If there is an option to fix the apperature setting then I dont think there is a need to use ISO at that high range (needs some tweaking and fixing at the image quality level).11. DJI please provide an option for Shutter / Apperature priority along with Manual and Auto. This is more of a FW fix and would be off convenience to a lot of users.I will update this review in a few weeks as I see responses and updates from DJI.Moreover I am headed to a Cruise next week and I am hopefull that the Cruise will be a good use case for testing this thing out in real life.At this point in time, it still does not replace my Hero 7 Black on a Gimbal.

  18. Taylor Carlson

    I bought an Osmo pocket that was essentially defective, the gimble head was spasming out from the beginning. I almost immediately returned this to Osmo, thinking it was under warranty, and they came back saying it was going to be $100+ to repair it. I tried for 2 weeks to get a response from customer service, and absolutely nothing. They essentially sold me a defective product, then charged me another $100+ to get it fixed. Extortion basically, stay far far away from this company and their absolutely horrific customer service.

  19. weilin

    The camera glass is really easy scratch !

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